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Use the online contact form to register directly and report any technical problem and we shall contact you immediately, or if you are already Microquest’s customer use the online registration form for technical support and avoid any possible delay using the call center.
Call center: +30 210 953-1000 (6 lines)
Microquest’s headquarters are located in Athens, with branches in Thessaloniki and Heraklion, thus providing direct services to meet its associates’ needs.

The company’s opening time is Monday - Friday 9:30 - 17:30.

For us the direct contact, the quickest possible solution of the problems and the human communication are significant factors for any collaboration. Microquest’s people always manage to overcome our expectations and develop exceptional solutions for whatever we require. Moreover, they have shown from the very beginning that they truly care for the customer's interest and this was a crucial factor for the consolidation of our collaboration. ».

Προβολή Microquest AEBE - Greece σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους
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